Asset Management

Portfolio Management

We help you structure and manage your investments by optimizing or setting up your offshore banking relationship, selecting investments that match your needs and executing your requirements.


Our institutional access to private banks in Switzerland and other international offshore locations, guarantees a higher service level at lower fees.


  • multi-custody & multi-jurisdiction

  • strategic and tactical asset allocation

  • platform & manager selection

  • risk & performance monitoring

  • consolidated reporting 

Holistic View & Consolidation

We are a one-stop advisory boutique when it comes to managing your assets. No matter the jurisdictions concerned, we provide you with a holistic view. Our goal is to make sure you can sleep well, while we take care of all aspects of your wealth needs.

Alternative Investments

Through our partner company Inova Capital AG, we offer fund structuring, portfolio design and selected alternative investment products, tailored to meet the risk and return objectives set by you to deliver a defined level of return and volatility within a strict risk management framework.

Asset Security & Regulation 

  • Your assets are segregated which means they are kept in your name. Your assets will belong to you at all times

  • We are operating under FINMA (Swiss Financial Regulatory Authority) rules

  • We are regulated in Switzerland and a member of VQF (largest supervisory system in Switzerland for the combating of money laundering and the prevention of the financing of terrorism)