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Wealth Management

We work with you and your family on succession planning and help you setting up the right structures for your needs

Family Governance

As a family’s wealth grows, the desire to ensure smooth intergenerational transfer of wealth and to reduce intra-family disputes becomes more and more apparent. At that point managing one’s family affairs is complex and the right governance can help the family avoiding future conflicts and foster its sense of belonging.


There are different approaches of implementing governance in one’s affair, depending on multiple factors and needs. It starts with the right channel for family communication or a simple will and ends with a complex family office setup. As every family is unique, there is no one size fits all solution and we therefore offer a wide array of services together with our partners, ranging from a family charter/constitution, trusts/foundations to the setup of a bespoke family office. 

Estate and Inheritance Planning

Estate and inheritance planning are essential parts of a financial strategy. Our solutions allow clients to protect their wealth and assets for future generations.


We advise you on real estate investments: financing, administration of portfolios, property maintenance, and sales, but we also engage in integrating trust structures into new or existing estate plans. As the settlement and management of trusts is complicated and time-consuming, we provide together with our partners all services linked to it, such as: monitoring distributions, liaising with lawyers, opening and administration of bank accounts, bookkeeping, auditing as well as arranging for independent tax advice.

Trustee Services

Your wealth has been created during your lifetime but should be conserved beyond your lifetime!


There are several ways to ensure a smooth transition and succession of assets. At Alva we believe that the settlement of assets in a trust can be the right decision in order to ensure that your achievements will outlive even the next generation.


Amongst the numerous upsides that a trust offers there are the possibilities to:

  • Provide for succession planning over multiple generations according to the settlor‘s wishes

  • Consolidate assets under the same structure

  • Provide for special distribution rules amongst the family of a settlor

  • Protect the family wealth against third party claims, e.g. spouses, creditors, spendthrift heirs or business partners

  • Keeping assets offshore in a separated ownership to protect against political and economic instability

  • Provide for life-long care of disabled family members

  • Provide for distributions to beneficiaries (e.g. children) resident in countries with specific tax regulations, which may require specific ways of transmitting wealth

  • Take care of beneficiaries who are not blood relatives

  • Pursue philanthropic purposes.


The constitution of a trust is a bespoke service and we would be delighted to discuss the necessary steps with you.


We act through our network of trustees and legal partners, which are based in various jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Jersey, Bahamas, BVI, Mauritius etc.

Life Insurance

Ensuring that the financial security of your family is protected beyond your lifetime might require life insurance-based wealth structuring and transfer planning:


  • Protect against political, social or economic instability and mitigate impact of nationalization, currency exchange controls, inflation and/or government default 

  • Prevent your assets being sold off to pay for outstanding or to fund future inheritance taxes 

  • Diversify and protect wealth


Together with our partners at IPG we offer bespoke capital protection products from the world’s leading insurance companies, warranting proper liquidity, wealth and inheritance planning while guaranteeing most competitive insurance rates. 

Concierge Services

"Little hinges swing big doors"


As the little things make the big difference, we offer bespoke concierge services to ensure that you are truly satisfied, be it your skiing trip in Switzerland, playing golf in Portugal, a five star hotel in Geneva at a preferential rate, a long weekend in Paris, a luxury car for the road trip through Italy, a yacht for a vacation in the Mediterranean Sea, a box of handmade Swiss chocolate, an appointment at a high-end Swiss watch manufacturer or a confidential credit card in different currencies.

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